The Art of Activism

We are engaged in promoting Social Justice and achieving equality and inclusion for all members of our society. We use art as a way to explore and to engage communities in these conversations. Public Education  We do presentations at community… Continue Reading →

Artist’s Professional Development

At SICK MUSE ART PROJECTS We believe that each member of the community has the right to access information which allows them to reach their full potential , this is true for artists as well. We are committed to promote… Continue Reading →

The Art of Collaboration

Sharing the experience We are invited to share our experiences and work with different groups: Community Centres, Arts Organizations, Schools,  Universities. We promote spaces where people feel safe and are willing to take responsibility in making our communities safe spaces… Continue Reading →

Sick Muse Radio Art ( Program in Spanish)

Sick Muse Radio Art  Online Radio program in Spanish language. It is a texture, landscapes fill with sound. It is poetry, voices and narratives that work as exquisites corpses; it is a type of cerebral cinematography which navigates through the radial… Continue Reading →